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Benefits of Fee-Based Asset Management

At The Bendix Financial Group, Inc, we strongly believe that fee-based investment management potentially offers the best combination of advice and ongoing management, with the greatest assurance of objective, no pressure service.

We are a fee-based investment practice. With a fee-based advisor you get personal service, an individualized portfolio and ongoing management. You pay a set fee for our service, usually a small percentage of your assets being managed. There is also typically a minimum asset value for accounts. Fee-based investment managers provide customized advice designed to help you meet your financial objectives. You and your advisor have the same goal: to help increase your net worth and achieve your overall investment objectives.

Because we are paid according to the assets we manage our incentive is to grow the account instead of generating new clients to sell products. Being a fee-based advisor we will work hard to help maximize your portfolio performance because we receive more income as your account grows.

Why is it better?

The Bendix Financial Group, Inc. charges a reasonable management fee based on the value of your account.  As a fee-only advisor, our compensation is a flat percentage of your account value. We only earn more money if your account grows.

Standard Payments for Services in the Industry
There are three basic ways you can pay for investment help: by the hour, by an asset-based fee or by commissions.


Specific advisory services such as evaluating your overall financial needs, developing a comprehensive financial plan or developing an asset allocation plan are usually billed on an hourly basis. Fee-only advisors charge either a set fee for services rendered or a fee, usually 1- 2%, based on a percentage of the assets under management. A commissioned advisor gets paid on a per transaction basis by the companies whose products he or she sells.

For ongoing management, the type of payment arrangement you have is important because of the issue of sales pressure. If an investment advisor is compensated solely by commissions or is affiliated with a firm that offers only it’s own proprietary investments, you’ll want to know the implications of this arrangement and get assurances that this will not influence decisions made for your account. Our independent structure allows us to customize a compensation agreement that works best for your individual situation.Every person’s situation is unique and requires a different set of steps to achieve those individual goals, compensation is no different. Our firm offers Fee-based as well as commission and hourly compensation plans.

  •  Fee-Based – By far our most common method, in a fee based structure you pay a fee based upon a percentage of assets under management.  This setup provides you with transparency as well as the confidence that we are acting objectively and without commissions in mind.
  • Commission – While no longer a primary focus of our business, from time to time we do employ a commission structure.  Situations do arise where a Fee Based platform is not available or is simply not in the best interest of our client.  In this scenario we are compensated on a transaction basis either by the investment companies we choose or directly by you the client. 
  • Hourly – Some individuals prefer not to turn over the reins and instead just need some advice.  For scenarios like this we can provide services on an hourly basis much like an attorney.  This can range from simple budgeting to a full financial plan.